• Great news! Inshura® now offers UHC Dental Plans. The UnitedHealthcare family of companies offer a wide range of healthcare products through subsidiaries, like Golden Rule Insurance, and other affiliates.
  • UHC Dental appointments can be accessed through the Carrier Appointments page on the Inshura platform. You can conveniently view and manage your appointments from the Carrier Appointment page.
  • Once you navigate to the Carrier Appointments page, select Golden Rule Insurance to access UHC Dental plans. You have to consent and update the writing number assigned to you by the Carrier.

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  • Once confirmed, you can begin enrolling your customers in UHC Dental Plans. You can configure offers to upsell these plans.

There are two Dental Plan categories: 

Primary plans include preventive, diagnostic, and basic restorative services.*

Premier plans cover major services like Implants and Orthodontic treatments.*

*Limits apply; see each plan for details

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