• An email reminder regarding payment due and pending documents will be sent 15, 5, and 1 day before the deadline to your customers

3 01

Additional Information on coverage page

  • “Learn more about current coverage” and “Learn more about health coverage” links are added to the coverage page
  • This is to ensure that your customers confirm that the current coverage will not end in the next 60 days

3 02

  • Click on “Learn more about current coverage” link for additional details with the date of current coverage

3 03

  • Click on “Learn more about health coverage” link for additional details about the current coverage the member must confirm

3 04

Full Medicaid Determination of eligible customers

  • You can now see the name of your eligible customers to request a Full Medicaid Determination on the eligibility results page

3 05

Drug formulary and In-network providers available in proposals and EDE application view

  • The In-Network Provider and Drug Formulary links are available in proposals and plan tile of the enrolled application (Excel and PDF formats)

3 06