Buying health insurance is not the same as buying life insurance or even a new car. Once you explain to clients all that the process entails, they will see the value you bring to the table. Health insurance agents and brokers help clients make better decisions using critical skills agents and brokers can market to clients in branding and sales presentations.

1. Demonstrating health insurance expertise

You have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge as an independent broker. It’s your job to help your clients understand what they are paying for, what their employees are paying for, and whether they need additional coverages. Based on properly researched solutions, they can decide whether certain companies are easier to work with than others.

2. Keeping insurance clients focused on their business

Owners of small businesses are busy. In many cases, they are unable to devote time to researching health care provisions and coverage. Demonstrate to them that you are able to help get the best coverage for their companies needs.

3. Educating insurance clients

You willingly spend time educating clients. By doing so, they are able to make better decisions, and see that their employer goes the extra mile for them. As a result, the employer will feel good about you, and the relationship will remain strong at renewal time.

4. Giving health insurance advice

You will be aware of all the changes to the health insurance industry when it comes time for renewals. Everyone will be able to understand them better this way. Clients will value your advice if you believe they should move to a new carrier since a single-carrier agent cannot provide this information as you can.

5. Providing support to clients during the claims process

As an advocate and supporter, you will act as an advocate and provide support when it comes to claims. You provide value to your clients through your knowledge, skills, and experience. A major part of your branding as a health insurance broker is marketing the additional value you offer. Don’t forget the power of networking and update your LinkedIn profile as you continue to market your skills to clients.

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