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Frequently Asked Questions

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If Inshura is free, how do you make money?

We provide Inshura for FREE to all Agents and Agencies.

You pay Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zilch.

You keep your customers and commissions. YOU are the AOR (unless you’re working with a partner – then, of course, your partner would be the AOR.) The AOR gets the commission – just like it should be!

We will introduce an optional referral program where agencies can refer clients and businesses to one another, and Inshura would charge a referral fee to the agency getting the referral. As mentioned, the referral program is optional to the agents and agencies.

Inshura is free, our service is free, and our practical, easy-to-use platform improves your bottom line.

Is Inshura fully integrated with the ACA marketplace?

Yes! We fully integrate with the healthcare marketplace ( Inshura is CMS EDE PHASE III certified and provides secure, FAST access to the data you need – and you never have to leave Inshura.

Will you reach out to my clients?

Unless you specifically request that we do so for some reason.  Our success is based on your long-term business and we work hard to keep that trust.  Your business is safe and secure.

If you participate in the Client Referral Program, the new AOR (or their representative/enrollment verification personnel) will contact the referred client.

Transferring clients to a new AOR requires the new AOR to contact that client and verify eligibility.

Before joining the program, you review the full details in the Client Referral Program Agreement.

What training do I need?

We designed Inshura to be so easy that no training is needed!

Just in case, we’ve included training videos that will jumpstart your success. You can also join our live Webinar training sessions!

And, of course, we’re here to help with any questions!

(888) 306-2590

Can I transfer my client base from another system to Inshura?

Yes. Check out this Training Video to see how easy it is to import your current Book of Business!

How do I map the carriers that I am appointed with?

In the Carriers Appointments section, simply select your carriers for each State.

Who is the Agent on Record?

Additionally, you can increase your business with Inshura and refer business to us, or one of our approved AORs. We then become the AOR and will interact with the Client to verify eligibility and manage the policy, Inshura still includes the client in YOUR client list – so you can reach out any time, even sell them a new health plan for the following year. Our goal is your success.

Do I get my own personalized webpage?


Inshura creates a fully personalized, unique web page for you. You can tailor the look and feel, add your logo, and more!  With inshura, you get your own unique Customer Portal!

Plus, all your email messaging is automatically personalized with your Logo, Contact info, everything! (and still no extra fees)