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‘ACA’ Button To See Your Client’s Marketplace Details

Sub Heading – Your Inshura Account Has an ACA Shortcut Button to View your Client’s Marketplace Status in One click.

Dear Agents, It’s just a ‘One Button Click’ to view your customers’ latest ACA Marketplace Information. If you haven’t noticed, we have placed an “ACA” button on your customer listing page.

What is the Use of this ‘ACA’ Button?

Click on the ACA Button for any customer on your Book of Business page (‘Client Page’) to see their latest Marketplace information.

Where is that “ACA” Button?

Definitely on your ‘Clients’ page, where all your customers are listed.

Let us take a Quick Refresher Training to easily find your ‘Clients’ Page in your Inshura Account, and see the ‘ACA’ button. 

Step 1: Once you log in to your Inshura account using your credentials, you will land on your ‘Account Setup’ Page.

Step 2: Look for the “Quote & Enroll” button at the top right of the page. Give it a click.

Step 3: You will now enter the ‘Quote & Enroll’ Page. On the left side of your ‘Quote & Enroll’ page, you can find a dashboard with a couple of features listed in it. Right there on the dashboard, on top, you will see the “Clients” feature. Click on it, and you’ll enter your “Clients” page (more like your advanced Book of Business).

‘Clients’ page is your Book of Business.  You will see a table where you can access all your vital client information such as names, dates of birth, and contact details. Also, you can initiate actions like crafting proposals, enrolling your customer in ACA, and reviewing marketplace applications – all with just a simple click.

Click on the ‘ACA’ button for any customer, and it will show you the latest Marketplace information on that particular customer.