Selling insurance is hard work, and you don’t make an overnight success of yourself without working in the trenches at first to get there. Plus, selling insurance is different than selling any other product; you are selling yourself as their agent.

Here are 10 tips to get yourself started in the insurance world:

  1. Dress for the Clients You Want

Dressing professionally makes others view you professionally, regardless of your time on the job. Looking the part can also help you build the confidence you need to act the part in your new role.


  1. Ask Questions

Take time to get to know your prospects and find common ground. Maybe you both went to the same school or love the same sports team. And always be sure to get updates on how their family is doing to show you care.


  1. Utilize Company and Coworkers’ Experience

Even if you are new to the industry, experience is all around you in your new agency; utilize it! And when speaking to clients, reference that if they have concerns about you being new on the job.


  1. Talk Less, Smile More

This is not just a line from Hamilton; you don’t have to overexplain for yourself just because you are new on the job. Talking less gives you the chance to do what’s most important, LISTENING. By listening to the client, you get their hopes, fears, and needs- now you can sell them the products to service those.


  1. Perfect Your Telephone Voice

Make sure you are coming off confident and knowledgeable rather than afraid to talk to the client.


  1. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

The best way to avoid feeling inexperienced is to be overly prepared for every interaction you have with a client or potential client. Read books and attend seminars on sales if you need to, and always be knowledgeable about your products. Practice your short and long elevator pitches.


  1. Get Back to Basics

While online and social media marketing has its place in this era, don’t forget the basics of sales, and don’t be afraid to pick up that phone or to get out and shake hands!


  1. Sell Benefits, Not Features

After you’ve spent all this time memorizing the features of your favorite products, it’s hard not to spit them out at a potential client. But in reality, all of these may not apply to each client you are speaking with- get to know your client and match what benefits of your products are best for them.


  1. Avoid Jargon

Industry terminology may be handy but using it with a customer is the fastest way to lose them. Once you’ve confused them with a term they do not know, they stop listening.


  1. Don’t Focus on Price

While price matters in the art of the sale, people do not buy everything based on price alone. Particularly in the insurance world, you are selling an expensive product that the customer won’t ever touch or even see. Heck, if they are lucky, they won’t even need to use it! You are selling trust when you are selling insurance, build it.

Now that you’ve read these tips, go back and practice that elevator speech in your phone voice one more time!

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