The industry is changing.

This is a busy season for homeowners insurance agents because of a still-hot housing market. PwC reports that one in three consumers will walk away from a brand they love after a bad experience. A good set of tools for managing customer relationships and automating marketing tasks is crucial for independent agents. Using customer relationship management software can help agents strengthen their relationships with current and prospective clients.

Engaging in meaningful interactions

Independent agents must earn the trust of customers, especially when the protection of their most valuable assets is often intangible and future-focused. It is easier for agents to establish and maintain trust with their clients with a CRM solution by easily accessing and using key customer data, such as their purchase history and family members, from a centralized platform, making their clients feel valued—and confident they are receiving personalized insurance recommendations tailored to their specific needs.

Agents can also use a CRM to build a pipeline of leads; new customers that will propel their growth in addition to converting prospects and nurturing existing relationships. With committed client relationships and growing brand loyalty that drives referral business, agents can achieve steady, predictable revenue.

Relationship building with customers

Using technology solutions such as CRM platforms can also help agents stay on top of client communications. Many homeowners only communicate with their agents when they’re purchasing a policy or filing a claim, but that shouldn’t be the case. Marketers can save time by using marketing automation capabilities in some CRM platforms.

Client communications based on the client’s unique needs can be delivered on a regular basis through marketing automation, and client interactions can be tracked. With CRM software, independent agents can build stronger client relationships and create more meaningful interactions, establishing trust and generating more business.

Enhance the sales experience for agents and customers

Many new technologies like Inshura are streamlining insurance processes, eliminate many of the cumbersome tasks that plague the agents and brokers everday. Inshura speeds time to sale, improves the client experience, and improves customer retention. With built-in montoring of customer renewal status and automated communications, managing sales is much easier, allowing for more time to focus on agency growth.

Adopt technology that impresses prospects and clients.

Customer experience is a big part of marketing. You get one chance for a first impression. Software like Inshura makes it easy to provide quick turn-around times on quotes, facilitates enrollment in minutes, and gives you great looking proposals to present to your insurance clients. If that’s not enough, ask Inshura about the free custom branded portal you can use to manage new and current insurance clients.

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